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Last But Not Least

A beginning is an end
And an end is a beginning
The beginning of an end
Is the end of its beginning
What I cannot say in words
I will struggle then to paint it
All the folk that I have met
And the ones that I have not
All are coming to an end
And will find a new beginning
All the words that we have shared
All hard times we have fared
I came with you not for long
At the beginning of an ending
But I gave my heart and soul
And together all our blood
We have spilled upon these pages
Will dry and then grow old
As crimson flowers wither
Inside a finished book
While a new one is being open
Much more than 33
Here I’m breaking all the rules
And there’s nothing that can stop me
As I’m breaking free
And flying high

I miss you…

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Eternal Darkness

Sweat and blood drip down,
“…over soon…”
Daemons know the pain; they’ll never stop.
Reminiscence smiles, but vision blurs and reality hits me hard
“…love gone…”

Yet I must atone for our sins

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I am
A bubble of silence
In the middle of noise
I am
A bubble
Of quiet
In the middle
Of loud
I am
A bubble
Of me
In the middle
Of others
I am
A bubble
In the middle
Of void


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Fallen Angel

A curséd creature roamed these lands,
Nothing could ever satisfy its hunger for flesh…
Then came a goddess
To end its misery
And as it fell, it saw the sky for the first time…

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Modern Warfare

Crushed, suffocated, suppressed. Friends vanish, lost in the surging sea of starving children. Enclosed in barriers no-one dares stray out of, afraid of calling to your loved ones for fear of being hushed. You can’t turn back because the masses drag you on, push you forward and you don’t look back. Not for one second does a single one of us think of giving up or trying to step out, we all strive as one with one thought in common: forward.

Arrived at the end of the struggle, into the light at last you turn back and smile as your friends come back to you after having made it through; and in the warm hall you can finally sit down to eat your well deserved meal.

And this, my friends, is why you should never serve chips in a french canteen.

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Lethal danger

Starting and spluttering every time I start moving or change gears
Jerking away from the pavement at the last minute
Jumping off speed bumps
Missing red lights
Going too slow
Going too fast
Swerving away from bikes and scaring cars on the other side
Lurching forward every time I brake
…”S-s-so what did you learn today?”
“That I was never meant to drive…”

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Ode to Trifecta (or a song for three goodbyes)

You are my light in the dark,
My port in a storm,
The truth in the lies.

You are a wandering shepherd:
Gathering sheep who have lost their way
Guiding them safely together.

You are the music to my song,
The paint to my brush,
The missing word for this ode

Without you
The meaning leaves too
And at my feet
My unwritten poems and untold tales
Fall to ashes and dust.

Without you it is only
Comm nity
S pport
S rpassing yo rself
It doesn’t

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I’ll Miss You My Love

At the end of time, 
Some go quietly while others chose their time:
Marking it at their highest so that in that bright light, they will be deified
And outshine the rest forever.

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Flawed logic

Worming secrets out
Finding out things best left unsaid
Faking your own death to go deeper undercover to destroy foul organisations
And then posting it on an online blog…
Well done Sherlock…

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