Getting Away

10 Apr


You, you and you,

We got to be a part

Of something big,

Something different than ordinary activities,

Something where no matter who you are

It doesn’t matter anymore,

The people you dislike

The people who dislike you

We all work together now,

In solidarity,

We hold each other up and encourage each other

Because we know that as individuals we do not matter

And it is only as a whole that we can make this work.


These four days

In the intimacy of what lied ahead

For all of us

Were magic.

We all had our hard times,

We all got bored and tired of waiting so long

For things to happen,

We all laughed,

Most of us cried

And I hope everyone had fun,

I know I did.


Now it’s all over

The magic is gone,

We will never again see each other

The way that we were then,

But new people were met

New ties made

And the memory of it will stay with us forever.

Forever is too long though

For a thing come to an end

So I will say farewell for a while but

For those of you who can

I will say

See you next year!


We got a chance to be a part

Of something big,

And I say

Let’s do it again…

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Posted by on 10 April 2014 in Banzaï



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