Family Meals

15 May

Some families sit at a table,
Mind their manners,
Talk of grown-up stuff as if they knew everything about anything.
The kids or the mother (or sometimes even just the girls) get the dishes and clean up afterwards.

Other families take their meal in front of the TV,
Not speaking, not looking at each other,
Then everything goes in the dishwasher and not a word is spoken.

Some families each take their plate, like at a buffet
And then go to sit somewhere alone, do homework, watch TV, read…
And you can often find various pieces of cutlery, plates and glasses around their house.

Some families have the boring table full of grown-ups in the dining room
And the fun table of children in the kitchen: eating food with their hands, challenging each other to try to slurp their spaghetti without using hands, getting the whipped cream, ice cream and sugar out for any desert and getting some all over the place.
Then the children go to bed while the adults stay to tidy up and wonder why maple syrup is dripping from the ceiling.

Some families sit at the table and argue about everything,
They have such different views that the only way for the conversation to end is declaring a stalemate at the end of the meal,
Picking food from different dishes around the table.

My family…
We talk about “what did you do today?”
And then the meal ends with us poking each other, saying silly things, making funny noises and making faces across the table…
Washing the dishes takes place in good humour and songs we sing, my brothers and I and in these times I’m happy to be just who and where I am.


This was inspired by Tnkerr’s writing Modern Families .


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4 responses to “Family Meals

  1. tnkerr

    15 May 2014 at 17:43

    Wow, my silly post inspired this? Yours is so much better. Really good!

    • imab00kworm

      15 May 2014 at 17:49

      Pfft my post is silly (and was meant to be) but your post was GOOD, I understood the boy, I’m a listener too and I felt sorry for him once I realised that he did care about his dad but he was just trying to forget it. And I understand that (although luckily both my parents are still alive).
      So I wouldn’t say better, but I would say different 🙂

  2. zampano

    16 May 2014 at 05:18

    As fun as some of those sound I doubt I could deal with any of them on a regular basis except for the last one.

    • imab00kworm

      16 May 2014 at 16:11

      Yeah, though these are all hyperboles of course (I excel in those). And added to that there are also some perfectly normal families too 🙂
      Of course now you have to define normal…


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