the Sound of the Earth Flows

23 May

I wake up in a new place, I can feel it, the damp, soft earth under my feet as I get up. I’m probably in a field, I can feel an unobstructed cool wind in my back and ruffling my hair. I raise my head and enjoy the morning. It feels like morning. As I didn’t know where I was, I figured I might as well try to find out. And then I wondered was I alone? So I asked: “Hello? Is anyone there?”
But after some waiting I decided no one was, or if they were they were either deaf or didn’t want to be found. I hoped they weren’t deaf and just sitting around. It would be very problematic if I met someone deaf. Or mute. It would be extremely embarrassing.
I decided to go against the wind so that any smells could come to me and further inform me of my surroundings. The land is roughly even though a little on the hilly side I discover while walking. The sound came first: falling water, there was a waterfall, and so, a river where I could drink. I walked carefully towards the sound, knowing that if there was a waterfall tree would be rocks around it. When I got there I stumbled on a step I had miscalculated and fell straight into the water but it was after the waterfall and rather shallow at this point. It was a nice day and the water wasn’t particularly cold so I sat and let it flow over me. For the second time in a long time I could just enjoy the moment with no one around to take pity of me and tell me I couldn’t see beauty. Maybe I can’t, but I can feel it and I think it’s wonderful. People can sometimes rely on their sight too much. I don’t have that problem and I never will…


Prompted by DragonSpark: sound earth flow
I meant to post this yesterday but wordpress was being annoying and we had an argument (it sat there while I swore at it), after which it wouldn’t work. I have a feeling I may have overreacted. Then I got shouted at for making cookies at the wrong time :/ and then DragonSpark was degrading himself and unfortunately it just wasn’t the right time and it was late so I’m sorry.
So here’s what I tried to upload three times already -_-
Oh and I’ll be leaving for a fun week of geology in the alps! *super sarcastic* so I won’t get to link anything for the speakeasy but I might ask DragonSpark to so I might participate or I might not. I’ll try to write something though.

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