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Speakeasy 168 – Complications

“When did you know you were lost?” he asked, concerned.
“When no-one came back for me.”

“I was ten, I didn’t know any better, I ran away and tried to live how I could, I didn’t know there were people who could help me.”
The boy was panicking he had just been caught stealing, he was thirteen years old and had been living on the streets for three years. As his lawyer the man had to understand why he did everything that he did, to make sure there were no lies and to inform the boy of the other possibilities so that he would know that people could help him.
Steveson now knew everything he need to know, Josh was a victim of his own ignorance, he did what he thought he needed to do to survive, he had no idea that what he had stolen contained state and even country secrets heavily guarded by the CIA. So well hidden that the boy had no idea what he was doing, he thought he just taking something he could exchange for food. The guarding must’ve had a flaw for such a child to get ahold o something so precious but luckily he didn’t get far.
Of course he didn’t know that Josh was actually called Andreï and that he was an elite agent of a very special division of the Russian special forces, or that the boy had been sent to infiltrate North Korea as Jihye Kim, or that he had been caught there and had then been sent along with supervision to America (Pueblo, Colorado to be more exact) to get this information. Steveson didn’t know that Andreï/Jihye/Josh got caught on purpose to make sure North Korea did not get what they wanted. The man had no idea that the boy in front of him was in grave danger. He didn’t know that this boy was planning on leaving a message to someone to get help but didn’t know if it would work. When Josh was put in an orphanage he stole some paper and an envelope and he found a pen lying carelessly around. He also had to find stamps. Enough to get his letter to France. And he started writing in a careful hand (he was still a little unused to writing in this alphabet but it was one people would more easily recognise and be less wary of so it was better than Russian. People would more likely post it if they found it and his shadows didn’t know that he spoke and wrote French. He hoped it would work):

Cher Martin
Ça fait longtemps, jai beaucoup de choses à te dire. J’aimerais d’abord savoir si tu avais bésoin….. daide…… lés… Coréns…….. Mont……..

The mistakes were the key, the message was this: “j’ai besoin d’aide les Coréens m’ont”
“I need help the Koreans have me”
He signed the letter by the name he had used when he met these contacts. He also added hints as to where he was but his superiors in Russia had put a tracker in him. All they needed was to activate it and they could find their agent. He could only hope he was worth an extraction. If the letter ever got to France in the first place.
The day after writing the letter Andreï had a trip to the beach. He had hidden the closed and stamped letter in his shirt and he managed to slip it into the sand without anyone noticing. All he had to do now was let luck an fate run their course. He planned to write letters every week but I can only see people’s past so I can only tell you what has already happened.
I hope that his plan will work and he gets an extraction. Time will tell.


In the nick of time! Looks like DragonSpark didn’t make it this week…


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