03 Sep

He waited for an hour. Some telltale sign that the world was ending. Anything abnormal or significant, striking, remarkable, different. Meanwhile, far away, a girl was yanking on her shoelaces a million thoughts in mind, disdainfully wiping away the unwanted tears and silently cussing at her converses, blaming them for the parents that couldn’t or wouldn’t understand her. Blocking out any sound or reproaches from her head she fumbled around for that swiss army-knife of hers to fix her headphones (a piece of plastic kept popping out) before she remembered that she wouldn’t go out with them anyway: by principle she didn’t block out the sounds outside when she was walking on the streets, what if she didn’t hear the car that could kill her? or a bus that she would then miss? (she had trained ears and could tell a car from a heavier vehicle), it was also just a matter of principle. And then she cursed her clip-on-the-ears earphones for getting lost. 
She was thinking about school which was creeping up on her slowly, she worried about what teachers she would have and, more importantly, who would be in her class. She could know but she was scared to find out because she knew that as soon as she looked the holidays would be a thing of the past and she would keep fretting until the day came. There was a swirl of thoughts and emotions going on in her head but all that could be seen from the outside was a frown. 
Somewhere else a 10-year-old worried about petty things he would later laugh at while worrying about other things he thinks to mean more in the world but really don’t. 
In another place a 7-year-old is dreaming of magic dolphins and Atlantis while kids lie dying in the streets or play soldier with real guns and live targets; while a man at work is thinking of work; while the world turns round and round and orbits the Sun; while the solar system has it’s own movement in the galaxy; which is slowly heading for collision with Andromeda and the universe keeps expanding it’s already infinite size… and while a boy waits. For an hour. For a sign. 
A sign that shows an ending, that might indicate his passing, that might communicate his feelings, that could establish the reason for him. He looked across the water, for some melancholy in the sunset, but the sky burned pink innocent ignorance and the clouds fluffed like candy, the bridge gleamed with the last rays of sun and the city lit up with a peculiar beauty. There was nothing to announce, to proclaim, to protest against what was about to happen. And that’s when the boy saw the nature of life; more than greed, money, power, strength; life was about self-centredness. Life was all about Me. 
But the boy was wrong, as are many; the answer is much simpler: the point in life, if there ever was one… is living. 


So DragonSpark and I have decided to start a new project where I start the story, he continues it then passes it back… like ping pong, but with a story. Right now it doesn’t have an official name or category yet and there’s only one part to its so far: Canvas
On other completely unrelated news I like to not be reminded that school starts tomorrow, but then again some people have already started so I guess I’m lucky to still be on holiday.
Speaking of which I hold a firm belief that the year really starts in September and I think calendars and the definition of “new year” should change accordingly, then everyone would start at the same time whether school, jobs, series… I’m not sure what else could be annual except for some magazines…


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16 responses to “Waiting

  1. Patricia Rivera

    4 September 2014 at 01:16

    I like how your words flow and great ping pong idea!

    • imab00kworm

      4 September 2014 at 08:02

      Thank you, I think it’ll be fun 🙂

  2. glasgowdragonfly

    4 September 2014 at 08:31

    Great idea on ping pong! Enjoyed this – all the old anxieties about school felt very real again whilst reading! Good job.

  3. Love Happy Notes - Daily Fun and Inspiration

    4 September 2014 at 09:06

    Wow I really like this. It’s a big story.

  4. Suzanne

    4 September 2014 at 17:21

    Lovely flow to this. 🙂

  5. inNateJames

    4 September 2014 at 20:30

    I like how your story started out with a specific person and then pulled out to the edges of the universe.I also dug how the narration jumped from one person’s thoughts to another’s. Reminded me of the beginning of the movie Amélie.

    • imab00kworm

      4 September 2014 at 21:15

      Thanks I don’t know that film but I’ll look it up 😀

  6. Blake

    4 September 2014 at 20:31

    Wow I can’t believe you went from a girl tying her shoelaces to the meaning of life in 750 words – talk about ambitious! And there are some really great lines here: “He looked across the water, for some melancholy in the sunset, but the sky burned pink innocent ignorance” is a beautiful image 🙂

    • imab00kworm

      4 September 2014 at 21:22

      500 words actually ^.^ sorry I’m being smug.
      Thank you! I lose my words a lot so I couldn’t remember the word “innocent” only its meaning and I knew it was on the tip of my toungue… I ended up finding it in a thesaurus I recently downloaded on my phone -_-‘
      That app has already proven useful quite a few times, it also completes the “define” tool I have whenever I highlight a word or phrase so now I easily have both dictionary and thesaurus 🙂

      • Blake

        4 September 2014 at 23:34

        Ah it’s perfectly fine to be a little smug when sentences come together so neatly, I think 😉
        Tres bien! (that’s French btw)

      • imab00kworm

        5 September 2014 at 06:36

        Yeah, means very good! Thanks ^^

  7. Meg

    5 September 2014 at 01:08

    I really enjoy this stream of consciousness that also seems to be somewhat directed. The effect is a breathlessness that celebrates life. Love that.

    • imab00kworm

      5 September 2014 at 18:03

      Thanks! I wasn’t sure what the effect would be so thanks for sharing that 😀


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