Back Again

04 Sep

It was funny really… After trying to push the anxiety away it was actually kind of easy: coming back to school. On the way I had a nasty feeling, especially since I had heard behind me some girls I don’t particularly like, and I tend to be nervous when I’m alone in these situations (namely around people I know) then I saw three people just coming round the corner and one of them was waving at me! Suddenly it seems like we just all came back from any other holidays and I feel reassured. I’m also starting to acknowledge the fact that we are now at the top. There is no-one older than us, no higher class but for what is no longer “lycée” and therefore doesn’t count. We’re seniors right? But it doesn’t feel like it. 
Going up to check which class I’m in (something I’d been postponing until then) I meet some other friends and as we go down to B (me 206, them 204) it feels like any other day and when I finally went to class I decided it wasn’t that bad, I had three (maybe four) friends already and I would probably get more along the year. My timetable looks like swiss cheese. 
Later we were six classes in a hall, I was in the second row but I took the time to look at the row in front. First was a thin hobbit (looking a lot like Pippin) who kept leaning over his folded table (yeah because the chairs in the few front rows have fancy folding small tables) to speak excitedly to the girl next to him. 
Next to pippin and friend was an anorexic punk guitarist (or at least that’s what he looked like) and on Punk’s right was God: tall, big, imposing. His long curls complemented his shaggy beard. At one point he got out a comb he was using as bookmark to brush his long locks. 
Next to God was, of course, Satan with short bushy hair, a thick goatee and a black t-shirt which looked like it had a satanic image on the back but I couldn’t be sure. 
And next to Satan was a skinny Tony Stark with Ray-Ban seeing glasses… sure, why not?
Then I remembered something about them (punk up to Tony Stark): I’d seem them on a poster (an A4 normal printed sheet stuck on a wall) in another building before they came in themselves; they were in a band… metal I think. 
But you mustn’t judge people by their appearance, that’s just something to recognise them by. For instance the girl next to me: gothic with reddish hair a black metal band t-shirt and a black Fairy Tail sweater (which is pretty cool because either people know and like the manga or they just think the symbol looks cool). She was adjusting the black ribbons on her new trousers while we waited in the uproar. Sure she might look like a goth, she knows how to kill you and could easily restrain and hurt you if you upset her, but if you knew her you’d know that she is a fun, happy, bubbly girl who loves singing and hugs. She’s also my friend. So that just goes to show you: you can’t know a person until you know them. Which is why although I notice how people look, I know I can’t judge them solely based on that information. 


The title was supposed to be a subtle reference to “there and back again” but it got me thinking about this song I’d kind of forgotten, it’s kind of old so I didn’t find and original music video but this video might be better in a way because that’s how I discovered the song:
Of course I don’t play that well (and I have a microphone so I usually have the words and pitch scrolling on the screen too) but it’s a fun game with cool songs 🙂

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