DS Daily Post-Neglecting Brevity

21 Sep

I am the victim of a common plague in writing noobies: I write a lot of useless words. Of course, they don’t seem useless to me, however I am often told they are.

You see, most of my short stories originate from visual sequences in my mind, filled with insane amounts of detail, each adding a tad of splendour to the scene. If it weren’t for the SpeakEasy’s (Weekly writing challenge) word count limit, many of my posts could be twice as long as they are. It’s rather easy to end up writing at length when trying to describe a three dimensional movie in your mind, filled with sights, smells, sounds, touches, and tastes. Not only that, but writing about sci-fi/fantastic plots often requires much more context then the real world’s, as foreign concepts/objects that are well defined to me need to be summarized and explained to a reader.

Despite this, I strive to edit the not-so-important stuff out, just to keep whoever is reading from falling asleep. Sometimes it’s tough, saying goodbye to a good sentence, one that deserved its place in the final story, just because it didn’t fit. Pressing “delete” can sometimes be a hard thing. That sentence probably had friends and family… It’s in a better place, now.

To sum it all up, on the brevity/verbosity spectrum, I definitely am more akin to the latter category. However, with efforts, I hope to be able to naturally write crisp, concise pieces, without having to put down good material, fruits of lots of mental work.

Thanks to Daily Post for the fun prompt. First time I submit to you guys! Hope you liked this brief (dem puns) piece. Comments much appreciated. Thanks for reading!


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4 responses to “DS Daily Post-Neglecting Brevity

  1. joetwo

    21 September 2014 at 18:55

    Grandiose exposition may be more necessary in sci-fi but there are ways around it. I prefer subtly referring to events to both add atmosphere and help build your world. For example; instead of “the second nanoplague in 2169 left whole continents stripped bare, devoid of life and giving instant death to unprotected travellers” you can use mark looked across the forbidden zone, seemingly barren for thirty years, but crawling with enough Tech to liqufy any traveller foolish enough to enter.”

    • DragonSpark

      21 September 2014 at 19:01

      Yup… That’s usually what I force myself to do. If context was food, then I’d want to stuff Hamburgers in everyone’s throat, even if most of them are vegans on a diet! XD However, I often have to control my inner madman, and follow the method you indicated above. BTW, that’ a nice paragraph. If that was improv, then you sir have talent!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Joe! Always a pleasure.

  2. animar64

    21 September 2014 at 23:01

    The more you write and connect with your writer’s voice the less you’ll find yourself using boodles of words. Let that Madman run free thoug…he’s a hoot.

    • DragonSpark

      22 September 2014 at 06:57

      haha for sure! Thanks a bunch for reading and commenting!


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