Tiny Demon – Part 2

22 Oct

I waited with my hand outstretched. The little red people looked at me quizzically (as much as a being with no face could) and then one came forward to inspect my hand. Satisfied with the result he climbed up on it and said “ne?”
“I need to find the Dana” I replied.
Suddenly he jumped off as if my hand was scorching hot and they all stood protectively over the fire screaming “Dana Dana Dana!”
Coming to my rescue Allana came up “We don’t have to take all of it, just a bit.”
Then they calmed down and I noticed we might have a problem so I asked “Is there any chance one of you could carry it down with us?”
At which point they all looked at each other and pushed one forward. Looking rather down, this one took a bunch of fire stones in his arms and started walking away. So we followed it all the way to the village and defended it when it was called a demon and sentenced to death. It obviously didn’t want to go back so I decided it could stay with me. I named it Nanika.
Suddenly Allana was looking weirdly out into the dusty landscape. “When did our elephants leave?”
“Oh, that…”
Even squinting I couldn’t see past the desert…
“Ah, yeah that might be a problem…”



Ok so I don’t have any wifi but I just remembered I have this awesome thing called 3G that I have 50MB of! So I decided I was going to post this anyway and see how much it takes.
New picture! (Because you can’t write a manga without pictures).
This is part two as you can see so you can read part 1 here! I wanted to make it last week’s speakeasy but I missed the deadline ^^’
I’m keen on making this a speakeasy series (like Hypothetically Writing’s Hadley’s Story which was amazing 🙂 ) so look out for part three (maybe under a new name) next week!
Link to the next one!


Posted by on 22 October 2014 in Banzaï, Speakeasy, Tail of a Demon


8 responses to “Tiny Demon – Part 2

  1. Ananas

    24 October 2014 at 14:11

    Elephants ? Really ?!.. Otherwise, nice story, the main character seems cute ^^ and “Nanika” too… is it a boy or a girl ? And why did you choose Nanika?… Why not Nenene?… Ne?

    • imab00kworm

      24 October 2014 at 14:20

      And suddenly: pineapples!… wait no elephants! Yeah it was the prompt…
      “Nanika” means “something” in Japanese, so it kind of comes from there. It’s neither a boy nor a girl it’s like a “thing”… (hence the name)

  2. Michael

    27 October 2014 at 18:32

    Welcome to the wonderful world of serials. 🙂

  3. Blake

    31 October 2014 at 19:45

    This made me smile: “The little red people looked at me quizzically (as much as a being with no face could)” – poor little guys, feeling all quizzical but no face on which to express the fact 😀

    • imab00kworm

      31 October 2014 at 19:52

      Ah yes the dilemma of not knowing exactly how to look quizzical without a face… Don’t we all know how that feels? …oh wait, no we don’t… 😉


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