26 Oct

I woke up, not remembering exactly when I had fallen asleep… Allana had been worrying about elephants so we sat at the edge of the desert while she thought. 
I sat up and Nanika fell onto my head from god knows where and sat on it. Allana was looking at me strangely, “When did the little red faceless being get eyes?” 
Nanika… has eyes?”
As it jumped down I had to admit that yes, there were eyes on its once faceless face. “Huh”
Weird things kept happening…
Getting up I stored my armour and other stuff in my inventory where it would be almost weightless. Which reminded me that I still needed to go through mother’s stuff. I stole her inventory (there was no way I’d have enough money to buy my own) and her things were still there. My shield I put in the “fast equip” space, it was a standard inventory so I could put three things maximum there. After some reflection I decided to add my armour in a group (which made it count as one) and a dagger (which unfortunately couldn’t go with my armour). “Well, we should get going right? How long can you run?”
Allana looked startled “longer than you and faster too, I guess if you could run for a day we could get back to the guild safely but-”
“Hey you don’t know me! Stop making assumptions. I can run fast for a whole day, any more I’d have to run slower and stop to eat but I could do it!”
“Well then let’s do it.”
So we ran across the desert until we bounced off a wall that wasn’t there and were sent sprawling. Nanika went forward and tried to walk through the invisible barrier, it couldn’t understand and was wondering “what went bump?”
I immediately equipped my shield which felt rather futile seeing as we were surrounded by one (it flashed a bit when Nanika kept bumping into it) but you never know…
“A trap!” Allana spit. Then she cussed under her breath, I kind of hoped she was muttering a spell to get us out but nothing was happening so either she wasn’t a very good mage or she was swearing. I preferred to believe the latter. 
Then I remembered I had armour so I equipped that as well. And the knife. Just in case. 
“That’s some nasty piece o’ work you got there” frowned someone from above. She looked young but she was taller than I was. There was an empty sheath on her back, she wore an orange shirt and brown trousers and her hair was like sunrise. Her sword gleamed by her side in her hand which had gold tattoos on it. Her feet were bare. 
“Who are you?”



I won’t hide it, I am very proud of that drawing!
Then about the story, it follows on from Tiny Demon – Part 2 (on which I messed up the link and I’ll probably mess this one up too and I couldn’t get it up anyway) which in turn follows Part 1. Thank you Michael from Hypothetically Writing for inspiring me to write a series 😉
It seems watching mangas and reading anime (or is that the other way around?) has influenced my subconscious and I can now draw ok-ish manga style… characters?
I’ve always loved drawing which is kind of pathetic when you see how I normally draw but it seems to be improving ^^ . This may be a bit disproportionate but it’s easily the best I’ve ever done!

Sayōnara, have a good week!


Posted by on 26 October 2014 in Banzaï, Tail of a Demon


7 responses to “Encounter

  1. Ananas

    27 October 2014 at 15:05

    Growing eyes? That’s creepy… or usefull.. û.=. Whatever, enjoyed the story, there seems to be a little action right? I’m wanting to know more about the characters, and I’m starting to like the heroine! Good luck with the next part!

    • imab00kworm

      29 October 2014 at 11:31

      Yup, action is coming ^^
      Thank you!

  2. Michael

    27 October 2014 at 18:33

    Your manga drawings are much better than mine; all I can do is the occasional stick figure and the Batman logo. 😀

    • imab00kworm

      27 October 2014 at 18:45

      Thank you!
      To be fair the batman logo’s not that easy. Also when I tried to draw a dragon it looked more like a brick wall, so you know, I’m not that good 😉

    • imab00kworm

      27 October 2014 at 18:46

      Next step: hands

  3. Blake

    31 October 2014 at 19:57

    A really nice heroine you’re developing here – I do like her wry asides:
    “I kind of hoped she was muttering a spell to get us out but nothing was happening so either she wasn’t a very good mage or she was swearing. I preferred to believe the latter.” Don’t we all know how that feels? …oh wait, no we don’t… 😀

    • imab00kworm

      31 October 2014 at 20:01

      XD Thank you! Yeah I like them too, what’s the fun in this if everything’s serious? It’s like Avengers or any other recent marvel film (iron man is an excellent example) 🙂


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