22 Nov

The old castle ruins were desert, three of the four towers had crumbled at least partially so only one remained intact. Outwardly at least. One tall rectangle. The great hall reeked of foul and mouldy cheese and I had no doubt there were more that a few rats about. I had been summoned here. We all had. It was The Day. That Day. Again.

The dog was guarding the entrance, it had once been a rabid killer dog, put down at last with a syringe but taking three down with him that night. On full moons he sometimes hid in a bush and howled, reminding the townsfolk of all the trouble he had caused. Now he was merely the shadow of what he used to be… a ghost of sorts.
Tinkler was a more material man, or what’s left of a man, the stories go that he changed himself into a machine bit by bit until it no man was left and now he goes around with chainsaws trying to get it back. But he had long lost the ability to put things together again, now all he could do was tear them apart.
Merry was a tortured little girl, she got her head stuck in a pumpkin and screamed in vain while it burned. She was wearing a simple white dress. Now all that is left of her is the ghost of her body and the flaming pumpkin. She wants the world to know how it feels like to burn with no-one to save you.
Romeo committed suicide when he found the love of his life dead on an altar. He was too rash and when Juliet woke up from her deep sleep and found her lover dead by her side she took the poison from his lips and died in his arms. Romeo never forgave himself and lamentingly moans for his sweet Juliet who died through his fault and all who are near him are enticed by his sickly sweet scent and they eagerly come to their deaths by the poison he cannot reverse.
Godfrey is the madman with guns who none ever see but the dead and the very lucky.
Jumping Jack when he was alive had his legs sawed off and accordions put in their place. Now when he walks comes a terrible sound and his head is way up ten feet high.
Many others were gathered to celebrate a new hallows’ eve.
And me? I am the reaper, the taker, the creeper, the one-with-the-eyes-that-couldn’t-be-deeper, the cheater, the beater, the couldn’t-be-meaner, but really, I’m the only one who’s still alive. You could say I’m “running with the hare and hunting with the hounds”, either way it’s the best way to stay alive… Until it’s not. I’m best keeping my cards close to my chest. And I don’t kill. Much.

This is a story I wrote with a friend, we both had to include the words “dog, cheese, rectangle”. I waited for her to set her blog up properly before posting this so it’s a bit late ^^’
You should check out her blog at, don’t be alarmed by the look of it she doesn’t mean to be rude. She’s a rather carefree girl and my good friend 🙂
You’ll see her Halloween story on her blog, she doesn’t have much yet. ^^


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2 responses to “Halloween

  1. Ananas

    4 December 2014 at 21:12

    Tinkler–> Doctor Who reference?!

    I like this story because there’re so many charaters! And, of course, my prefered one is the reaper who seems a little bit badass and sarcastic.. The only “weak point” I could pick out would be that there’s not much action or rather interaction between the characters.. But well, that for my taste !

    • imab00kworm

      4 December 2014 at 22:02

      Yes yes well spotted 😉
      Thank you! And thanks for the criticism (I need it), I guess not everything can be perfect but I’ll think about it next time!


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