Better Not Forgotten

23 Nov

This new generation,
Which I only just escaped it seems,
At the turn of the century,
Decided to forget.

They read forgetting books and poems,
Hear forgetting songs:
With words repeated over and over
And nothing’s going on.

How can you remember
When everything around you
Is all not making sense
And all telling to forget?

Generations before me
Are the rememberers,
We are the dead
Next come the forgetters.
They forget they should remember,
They forget they too are part
Of us the dead who still remember
Which we did not live
But are condemned to remember
For fear that we should get a chance
To feel what it was like.
We have to remember
Because they would forget,
Fall into meaningless oblivion
Which is why
We are the dead
But in a way,
They might be worse off.

For what do you think happens
When the world
will not
Never to forget
That should rather be remembered?

A wise man once said that
What a man does not remember,
He is then doomed to repeat
The very thing he did forget

And some things can never be forgiven.

Please tell the forgetters
That war is never won,
That genocide is wrong,
That they should not follow blindly,
Please tell those who forget:
All the soldiers that did die
All the soldiers that went mad
All the soldiers that endured
Wish that war
Will never need to be.
And tell them how those men
Sing songs, write poems
And write books
To remember
What is Better


Posted by on 23 November 2014 in Banzaï



2 responses to “Better Not Forgotten

  1. joetwo

    24 November 2014 at 07:43

    Powerful words very well done.


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