Try harder

14 Jan

Grey winter sky
Like ashes.
So many people parading in the streets
Not enough.
Big words of liberty an unity
Said too lightly.
Proving they were wrong
To dead men.
Proud hearts and minds
Following the crowds.
Call for change
Others should bring about.
Hope of great deeds to be done
Too little
Too late.
Less than half
of half
of half
of half
a country
Feels concerned.

I hope that the end of the story won’t be
Not enough, not from me, too little, too late.
The end of the story
Should always be Hope



A warning: the first condescending comment about “poor old Europe or small weak France we’ll help you get out of this” will not be appreciated. (Needless to say neither will the next ones but I doubt there’ll be any right?)

I haven’t posted for a while, for numerous reasons… but I’m back at least for a while ­čÖé


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6 responses to “Try harder

  1. jetgirlcos

    14 January 2015 at 19:20

    “The end of the story should always be hope.” I’m glad to see you back, and i want to tell you that the hope I have is to see more young people like yourself expressing a desire to make a hopeful future. Vous ├¬tes l’avenir !

    • imab00kworm

      14 January 2015 at 19:37

      Merci! But I have to confront you on something (and it may just be the way you phrased it): but I don’t think you should be saying you are the future but we are the future. As long as you’re in this world it is still your responsibility to change what you don’t like in the world, especially in the connected world we live in where you can do a lot even from your own home. Then again it’s not always easy…

      • jetgirlcos

        15 January 2015 at 16:10

        Of course you’re right. Perhaps it would be clearer to say that the future leaders will come from your generation. It is the responsibility of everyone to learn from those who go before, and to inspire those who come after, isn’t it!

      • imab00kworm

        15 January 2015 at 19:48


  2. zampano

    15 January 2015 at 00:42

    I hesitate to call this beautiful but it’s the only word that fits. I really love the way everything isn’t left aligned.

    • imab00kworm

      15 January 2015 at 07:42

      Beauty can be found in the most curious places sometimes… Thank you ­čÖé


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