20 Jan

His eyes were sparkling and he was chanting a sad song about fleshy tasty cold raw fish and “the precious, the precious is ours!” he’d say but there was no-one else there. So he replied to himself and he would spend days having conversations alone.
I wanted to be his friend but as soon as I would approach he would snarl and spit and drive me away with curses until he thought he was alone and could revel in the illusion of happiness he had created for himself.

“Where did you find it?” I asked him once.
“Where did we find it precious?” He inquired of himself before getting that sad and selfish look again and saying “mustn’t ask us, mustn’t ask it of us, go away!”
And then he would start singing again:
“Fresh cold juicy fish… Snap snap snap!…”

But then he came. The baggins. Never trust bagginses, never again. It stole the light, the gold, the precious, and my gollum was left all alone alone without light, without hope, without relief in this dark desolate world.
Suddenly I knew I could be his light, so I stepped in and I was his hope for a while, until he remembered that horrible object that had been stolen from him and he howled and wailed and cursed me. On that day I decided that I would kill all bagginses, all hobbiteses, and everything else so that all that would be left would be me and my gollum and no-one to hurt him.
So I left and whispered in the ears of uncertain men, my favourite puppet was named “Saruman”. Through him I could even influence the great destroyer Sauron and the world could be ours…

But my gollum was misguided, and the world was saved… By two hobbitses, one baggins, and my gollum fell into the most unforgiving lava with his precious where I could never reach him again. And I swore that I would haunt this baggins, he would never find a home, always be an outsider, always be alone, always.


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Posted by on 20 January 2015 in Banzaï


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