Happy Colour

12 May

Yellow wellies
Trudging home
Side by side with imaginary
Red and blue ones,
The sky was dark
And the smell was of
Wet hair and disappointment
And new rubber.

Yellow bike
With only two wheels
And thick tires
And no balance at all,
The taste was metallic and red
And the smell was of
And new rubber.

Yellow pencils
New and sharp
With all the big girl stationery
That went with them,
Feeling all shiny
But the smell was of
Pencil dust and loneliness
And new rubber.

Yellow converses
Big school
No map to show
How to make friends,
Tasting the bitter held-back tears
And the smell was of
Concrete and shame
And new rubber.

Yellow motorbike
Recklessly fast
Caught in the silence
That was always too loud,
Sounding like crumbling waves
Under a ship
And the smell was of
Fire and silence
And new rubber.


I wish I could’ve shown the yellow motorbike (because it would’ve meant that I had one) but all I have are the converses. They’re new so when I wear them they’re so bright I feel like I have mini suns on my feet ­čśë
A lot of people think my favourite colour is red or yellow because I wear a lot of them but I wear them to stand out so that I can’t hide, I’m trying to be less shy. My favourite colour is actually orange but I guess you can understand that it was easier to find a red coat than an orange one. I still very much like yellow even if it’s not my favourite.

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