28 Jun

If I were green or blue
If I fell in love with you
If I thought not as you do
Would you still love me as you do?
Or would you treat me like some goo?
Because I’m not the same as you?

If I were asking you to choose
One or the other of your shoes
If you could just take me apart
Replace the thoughts inside my heart
If you could keep the bits you like
And throw away those that you don’t
Scream it all out from a mic
Because you think that you won’t
Mind if half of me is gone.
If all the fights that I have won
Disappear out in the blue
And I agree with all you do
If you rip me up in two
Keep all the nice of me for you
Then I would not be me
No I would not even be

If you think that you can silence me
On all those things we don’t agree on
Then it’s far worse than a tyranny
‘Cause I’d have nothing left to go on
If you take away my thought
If you take away my words
If you bring me back to nought
Forget those things that you have heard,

If you won’t listen
To what I have to say
Then who are you
To tell me
What I
To be?


This poem dates from February 2014, that just goes to show how even my numerical stuff is in such a mess, I found this today and decided to share it before I forgot it even existed.

My last exam ever (for this school year anyway) is a history-geography oral tomorrow morning so I should really be working on that and I’ll be more active after that (until my camp that is).

On other news, yay for gay pride!

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