Out of the frying pan…

26 Aug
Part 9 of Epic Co-written Story

Angel was a natural leader and she obviously had way more experience than the others so she pretty much came up with the plan all on her own. Arthur knew a man who could make a wagon with a double floor to hide Marissa and Angel knew a man with a horse; as she had explained there were now a lot of people for her to protect (despite Nikke’s protests that she could protect herself, Marissa’s insisting that she wasn’t that useless and Arthur’s disapproving silence) so she would have to get help from a trusted friend. And that friend had a horse so it would be like killing two birds with one stone, an expression Nikke was surprised to hear as it was mostly used by those who actually did have to hunt birds with stones and she hadn’t thought Angel to be of that sort of people. She had just imagined this woman to have appeared fully formed and majestic with nothing anyone could do about it.
“I need a new name!” Suddenly announced our little royalty.
“Then you can be Sticky” declared a slightly irritated Angel who had decided not to treat this fugitive as a royal princess anymore. She may be full of good will but she didn’t plan this escape of hers very well, the woman thought, all the gates were already closed and if Marissa’s disappearance was found out before the gates were reopened then they would need another way out. Angel had already chosen her gate: the enemy would be suicidal to attack from the mountains so that was where her little troop would be heading, out from the Eagle’s Gate. Luckily that was also where she would find less trouble getting out of town.

The following morning they went to find Angel’s friend, having already retrieved the special wagon. The blacksmith opened the door and Arthur was a bit jealous of all his muscle but soon that was forgotten in the awe of seeing the forge. They had entered through the back door so instead of seeing the great shop full of shiny weapons and armour he usually saw, Arthur discovered the man’s working place, glowing red and gold with huge machinery all around. A heavy slap on the back brought him back to reality,
“Glad my work’s appreciated boy! But y’all ain’t here fer that I’m thinkin’ ” that last line seemed addressed to Angel as he started to unwrap a normal enough looking bow to the untrained eye, but Marissa knew that it was special and may even contained enchantments.
Angel smiled when she received it, “you’re a wizard Harry!”
“Nope,” he replied, “I’m just a blacksmith!” But then he winked.
“Well ‘fs all the same to you I got a group quest up high in them mountains I wouldn’t mind some help with.” He said picking up a huge double-sided axe that left Nikke, Marissa and Arthur rather dubious about the “needing help” part of that.
Then he dumped a huge bag and enough weapons and armour to finish filling the wagon onto it, after that the princess (who everyone was calling anything but “Marissa” while waiting for a preference to appear) hid under it.
The troop was ready to leave and they crossed half the citadel to do so. When they finally left the guards were staring at them from their towers, sending shivers down their backs.
“Well that wasn’t so bad!” Said the optimistic wagon.

They waited until nightfall before Marissa came out, they had found a good unihabited cave for the night.
“Aaah it feels good to be out! So where are we sleeping?”
The others stared at her as if saying “Isn’t it obvious?”
“What? I don’t see the beds…”
“Em we’re not sleeping in beds” explained Harry.
“Well then where are we supposed to sleep?” She couldn’t understand how they were supposed to sleep without beds.
“Look!” Replied Nikke, getting thin person-sized leather rectangular things out of the wagon “we sleep in these!” She said enthusiastically while sliding into one to show her friend.
Marissa was not convinced.


What I did not just name a character just for a joke?! Who told you that?! (Ok it’s true but shhh don’t say it!)
That was my brother’s idea, I was looking for names and my brother was next to me so I asked him and after a few other suggestions he just said “you should call him Harry, then you can say “You’re a wizard Harry!” ”
Sorry DS your name was good too but this was just too tempting 😉


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2 responses to “Out of the frying pan…

  1. DragonSpark

    27 August 2015 at 15:56

    Good chapter. I feel very much akin to Arthur in this piece (Especially when you write “disapproving silence” XD). I don’t mind the name for the smithy. Haze and Harry are pretty similar names anyway. Now to think of a good place to take this band of travelers…. and what kind of peril I can throw at them 😉

    • imab00kworm

      27 August 2015 at 17:07

      Thanks! Yeah have fun with that :p


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