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imabookworm -> Banzaï

Hi it’s imab00kworm, or I was…

I decided that seeing as I’m starting a new part of my life I might as well finally change my wordpress username, partly because I’ve never liked “imab00kworm” that much and I’ve wanted to change it for a while (because it couldn’t compare to a name like DragonSpark), the other reason I’m doing this now is because I finally have a good name to use: during my integration (some call it “freshers week”) I was baptised “Charge Banzaï”. Banzaï is a Japanese war cry meaning “ten thousand years”, a banzaï charge was named such as “Banzaï!” was what samurai would scream during their last attack which was basically a suicidal charge towards the enemy, katanas against canons. It’s a very unusual name to be given to me as I’m usually quite reserved so you’d think I’d be the last to get a name like that! I guess once I’m confident with the people around me I can be like that: charging towards the future against all odds, daring and bold, and I hope I’ll always do that because that’s how I’ll be able to make the most of life and I could avoid a few regrets along the way.

Banzaï is as much a description as a promise to myself, to try to always dare to do things, to keep coming out of my shell, and to live life to the fullest I can.

“They say we are what we are
But we don’t have to be…
‘Cause we could be immortals,
Just not for long…”

Immortals – Fall Out Boy


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“We all are living in a dream
But life ain’t what it seems
Oh everything’s a mess”

Life is so short, and the longer it gets the shorter it feels. I’m just about to start the life that I have finally chosen, and yet I’m acutely aware of all the time I’ve already wasted. Looking back I realise that life is always too serious until you look over your shoulder and wonder why it all seemed so important then. I still have time to be foolish, to make mistakes, pranks, I’m still learning; but then again isn’t everyone?

I’m about to start a new phase in my life and it won’t be easy but I hope it’ll be fun! I’ll have less time to write (even though I know I haven’t been very active here lately ^^’ ). I hope I’ll be able to keep contact with my friends from last year but I know that inevitably I’ll slowly lose contact with people little by little, and it’s not because I don’t like them but I’ve always had a hard time looking forwards and remembering to look backwards. Eventually I’ll end up keeping contact with the people I hold dearest and those who may be physically closer to me. Hopefully.

It’s a new beginning and for the moment it’s looking bright and full of opportunities: I’m starting a new school and I already have a group of friends, I have an idea for where I’d like to do my internship at the end of this year and one of my new friends might follow me! I’ve changed school 4 times (this is the fifth) and I’ve never been so well integrated since the beginning or so enthusiastic about starting, I usually awaited the “back to school” moment with dread so I have a very good feeling about these next 5 years, I hope my friends can say the same thing about their schools but I know some are just going to be enduring at least the next two years, I consider myself lucky to not be in that situation because I know what it feels like. Ultimately I hope we can all find what we want to do.

This is a kind of goodbye, at least for a while, but I’ll be back, maybe not “a brand new me” like some people might like to romanticise, but an ever-evolving, ever-learning me. So I guess I’ll be a wiser me.

I would end with a nice photo of a sunrise but I don’t think I’ll stay awake that long so I’ll leave you with a song:
Dream – Imagine Dragons


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My Love

I love her of a love that’s light
She comes and goes and then takes flight
I love her of a love that’s white
With nought to do with what you might
See on Hollywood TV.

I love her of a love that’s blue
That finds happiness in a puddle or two
I love her of a love that’s true
Much more than she ever knew
Or will probably ever know.

I love her of a love that’s green
Like plants that just like to look and be seen
I love her of a love not mean
I am a shoulder on which to lean
I never wanted more.

I love her of a love that’s yellow
Like a million daffodils in a meadow
I love her not like Romeo
Said that he loved Juliet
It’s not passion, never was, my love.

I love her of a love so orange
Of a thousand sunsets and more mornings
So many beautiful beginnings
And breathtaking endings
She’s always beautiful to me.

I love her of a love that’s red
Raw from things unsaid
Warm from the secrets spread
On the map of our friendship in our heads
Looking for treasure in each other.

I love her of a love so rare
I wrap it up in smiles with care
It’s a jewel only few will find
At the end of a friendship or the end of time
I’m not a lover, just a friend who loves.

You can love others
Get married, sail away
Live the life you choose
But if you ever need a friend
I will always be there for you.

Some things are easier left unsaid
This poem tries to show
The love I bear to my best friends
I’ll never let you go.



Note: the poem says “her” for the sake of focusing on one entity but my best friends aren’t all girls (and can be counted on the fingers of one hand).

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Steel and Starlight

I walk up to the gate. The darkness peals away as I step into the projector’s glow. The guards notice me. This area is already meant to be accessible only to personnel. I breathe in slowly. They point their rifles at me. The mechanical elements slide and click as their weapons are armed. The First yells a warning, the Second takes aim. I keep walking.


The Second fires a bullet. It easily penetrates through my jacket and tee-shirt, but bounces off my metal skin, now visible through the bullet hole. I keep walking towards them, unharmed. The guns are lowered. The two men share a moment of surprise, confusion, quickly followed by panic. Another warning, though now, the guard’s voice is shaking, unsure. I take another step. Their eyes widen as they realize who I am, what I am. I stop, planting my feet firmly into the ground. They point their deadly tools towards me once again, barrel points trembling.


I take my hands out of my pockets and quickly cross them in front of me in an X shape. Moments before the rifles spit their deadly fire, I turn all of my skin to metal. The two guards are now but scared children. They empty their clips on me, tearing through my sleeves, blowing my hood off of my head, and dotting my jean’s fabric with holes. Muzzle flare illuminates the night, synchronized with the crack of the guns. Compressed bullets sing and chime in symphony as they fall around me.


Her face surfaces into my consciousness. Her laugh echoes in my ear. A spark of anger resonates through my body. I push it aside. Emotions aren’t useful right now. I grow small, elongated fragments out of my arms. Projectiles. Sharp. Deadly. In front of me the guards are fumbling with their guns, trying to reload them. They are clearly inexperienced. New. Young. Guilt whispers to me. I push it aside, just as I did the anger.


Time slows to a stop. I swing my arms outwards. At the peak of the swing, I detach the shards from my metal skin. They hurl through the air like deadly feathers, reflecting the projector’s lights like a Disco ball at an old fashion club. Instantly they connect with the bodies of the two men. They fall backwards as the momentum of the shards converges into their bodies. Their weapons clatter across the concrete. I walk up to and then past them. They are littered with shards. A dark pool of blood is quickly spreading around the bodies. Their expression is that of a frozen scream, terrified and lonely.

I push pity aside with the rest. Emotions aren’t useful right now.


It’s been a whole year since I last submitted to the Speakeasy! I’ve seen new faces and familiar ones while glancing around the site a few days ago, and it’s all very exciting. I’m also trying a lot of new things with this particular piece. I’m curious to see how it came through. Comments, criticism and feedback is much appreciated. I’ve experienced with these characters before. If you so wish, feel free to read more here and here.


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