Steel and Starlight

01 Sep

I walk up to the gate. The darkness peals away as I step into the projector’s glow. The guards notice me. This area is already meant to be accessible only to personnel. I breathe in slowly. They point their rifles at me. The mechanical elements slide and click as their weapons are armed. The First yells a warning, the Second takes aim. I keep walking.


The Second fires a bullet. It easily penetrates through my jacket and tee-shirt, but bounces off my metal skin, now visible through the bullet hole. I keep walking towards them, unharmed. The guns are lowered. The two men share a moment of surprise, confusion, quickly followed by panic. Another warning, though now, the guard’s voice is shaking, unsure. I take another step. Their eyes widen as they realize who I am, what I am. I stop, planting my feet firmly into the ground. They point their deadly tools towards me once again, barrel points trembling.


I take my hands out of my pockets and quickly cross them in front of me in an X shape. Moments before the rifles spit their deadly fire, I turn all of my skin to metal. The two guards are now but scared children. They empty their clips on me, tearing through my sleeves, blowing my hood off of my head, and dotting my jean’s fabric with holes. Muzzle flare illuminates the night, synchronized with the crack of the guns. Compressed bullets sing and chime in symphony as they fall around me.


Her face surfaces into my consciousness. Her laugh echoes in my ear. A spark of anger resonates through my body. I push it aside. Emotions aren’t useful right now. I grow small, elongated fragments out of my arms. Projectiles. Sharp. Deadly. In front of me the guards are fumbling with their guns, trying to reload them. They are clearly inexperienced. New. Young. Guilt whispers to me. I push it aside, just as I did the anger.


Time slows to a stop. I swing my arms outwards. At the peak of the swing, I detach the shards from my metal skin. They hurl through the air like deadly feathers, reflecting the projector’s lights like a Disco ball at an old fashion club. Instantly they connect with the bodies of the two men. They fall backwards as the momentum of the shards converges into their bodies. Their weapons clatter across the concrete. I walk up to and then past them. They are littered with shards. A dark pool of blood is quickly spreading around the bodies. Their expression is that of a frozen scream, terrified and lonely.

I push pity aside with the rest. Emotions aren’t useful right now.


It’s been a whole year since I last submitted to the Speakeasy! I’ve seen new faces and familiar ones while glancing around the site a few days ago, and it’s all very exciting. I’m also trying a lot of new things with this particular piece. I’m curious to see how it came through. Comments, criticism and feedback is much appreciated. I’ve experienced with these characters before. If you so wish, feel free to read more here and here.


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10 responses to “Steel and Starlight

  1. Shailaja/ The Moving Quill

    3 September 2015 at 04:18

    Has a very X-men like feel to the story. I could picture Wolverine and his anger and sense of despair in the protagonist. Well etched, to be very honest.

    • DragonSpark

      3 September 2015 at 16:52

      Thank you! I guess this does have a X-men kind of feel. Though it does fix my one grasp with the X-men. I always resented the fact that they operated out in the open, that Xavier’s academy wasn’t a secret facility. If all the mutants were reduced to a band of five or six people, and they had to escape large enteties that are trying to use them as lab rats, then I§ would have been a much greater fan of the X-men. That is basically what I am doing here.

  2. Michael

    3 September 2015 at 16:31

    Welcome back! 🙂 I am a huge fan of the superhero genre, or sci-fi, and I really liked this. Very dramatic!

    • DragonSpark

      3 September 2015 at 16:53

      Hey Michael 🙂 Good to hear from you again. I was interupted in the reading of your post by my English teacher’s glares today. I’m off to read the second half and comment right this second. Thanks for dropping by! Glad you found it enjoyable.

  3. Ellen

    3 September 2015 at 18:16

    I’m one of the new people, and I definitely want to read more. I’m intrigued.

    • DragonSpark

      3 September 2015 at 20:45

      Thank you very much. If I finish work on time, I’ll try to drop by the non-fiction section before the end of the voting. Even If I don’t make it, I look forwards to crossing path with you again.

  4. innatejames

    3 September 2015 at 20:41

    Welcome back bookworm! I loved the empowerment in those first few paragraphs. How we, the readers, were learning about the narrator’s capabilities as her enemies were. Good stuff!

    • DragonSpark

      3 September 2015 at 20:44

      Wrong author mate XD Bookworm wanted to join me in my grand comeback but was too busy with college. You’ll have to do with me for now 😉 Interesting that you see the character as a girl. I often leave protagonists gender-less to see what people default too. Thanks for the read.

      • innatejames

        4 September 2015 at 03:41

        Sorry for my mixup, Dragonspark. I do the genderless thing, too, and I’ve found most people attribute the gender of the narrator to the author. I thought you were bookworm, so I pictured a woman narrator.

  5. Cheney

    4 September 2015 at 16:09

    Haha! That was very cool. I don’t know much about superheroes so don’t have any comparisons to make, but I would definitely want this guy on my side. Would love to read more about his background and mission!


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