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Imaginary Philosophising

The world was not always as it was, self managed and alone in a vast expanse of lifelessness; aeons ago there had been many worlds with zealous gods looking after them, marvelling at the beauty of each different world, willing them to be always more beautiful, wonderful, exceptional…
The worlds grew in beauty and grace according to each god. There was Muspelheim, Niflheim and Helheim, Nidavellir, Svartalfheim, Jotunheim, Midgard, Alfheim, Vanaheim, and Asgard; each magnificent worlds in their own ways. But then time went on, and the worlds seemed to be less attractive than they had once been and the gods started spending less time doting on their creations. Little by little the gods drew away and the worlds were left to themselves to be destroyed, self-destruct, fall apart… Until only a few were left. The place you call Earth is one of those, a tiny flicker of the life Midgard had once been abundant of. And the god you call God or your other gods, they have existed and do exist, but they are a long way away and your prayers are but to the void where they were and left. The world is dark and lonely. But I don’t believe it is all that sad; I believe… we are not alone. 


A small thing I wrote for a friend who’s word was zealous.
Hope you like it 🙂


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The Devil Loans Backbone

“You can’t do it!” “Scaredy-cat scaredy-cat sitting on a doormat what are you looking at!” “I dare you!” “You’re a baby! Baby!” “You’re just a girl!”
I wake up in cold sweat. I am Alex, ten-and-a-half years-old and I’m not a scaredy-cat. I just didn’t want to eat the spider, it just wanted to be left alone. I could’ve done it. I just didn’t want to. 

• • •

“Come on man!” “You can do it!” “Just don’t look down!” “Put some backbone into it!” “Jump!”

I waited the minimum amount of time
It felt like ages

My parachute wasn’t opening

I kept tugging but it wouldn’t open

I started to panic

I couldn’t breathe
It opened. 
I crashed into a huge pile of hay. 

I woke up in hospital. 

I was alone. 

• • •

Now I have no job and I spent the last of my money on a leather jacket that says “Daredevil” on the back with little red horns on the D. 

“You’re neither dare nor devil ‘f y’ask me” moaned a voice behind me. 
I was so creeped out if I could have I would’ve jumped out of my skin but my skin seemed intent on staying on so I just jumped a little. 
“You’re neither dare nor devil,” crawled the voice again and I saw where it came from this time “but if you give me some o’ your time I could tell you which I am”. 
The teller was small and his crooked, dishonest smile sent shivers down my spine. “Who are you?” I asked,
To which he answered “who would you like me to be?”

“I’ll loan something to you” he continued, “whatever you’ve always wanted. But one day, you’ll have to pay me back.”
God give me strength I thought. 
“God don’t give a damn. I do. I coulda given you the strength ya wanted long ago if you’da let me. All I ask” he licked his lips, “is for something in return.”
There was something weird about the way he talked, the way he moved, the way he sounded way too confident than he should have been. 
“Whaddayawant?!” I snap because it’s better than whimpering. 
“Well, one day, you’re going to die” he started, twisting his fingers, “there’s really not much you can do about that, but when it does happen I want your soul.”
I had to agree that there wasn’t really anything I could do about dying and I really didn’t want to spend my life like this. 
“Please sign here…”


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the Sound of the Earth Flows

I wake up in a new place, I can feel it, the damp, soft earth under my feet as I get up. I’m probably in a field, I can feel an unobstructed cool wind in my back and ruffling my hair. I raise my head and enjoy the morning. It feels like morning. As I didn’t know where I was, I figured I might as well try to find out. And then I wondered was I alone? So I asked: “Hello? Is anyone there?”
But after some waiting I decided no one was, or if they were they were either deaf or didn’t want to be found. I hoped they weren’t deaf and just sitting around. It would be very problematic if I met someone deaf. Or mute. It would be extremely embarrassing.
I decided to go against the wind so that any smells could come to me and further inform me of my surroundings. The land is roughly even though a little on the hilly side I discover while walking. The sound came first: falling water, there was a waterfall, and so, a river where I could drink. I walked carefully towards the sound, knowing that if there was a waterfall tree would be rocks around it. When I got there I stumbled on a step I had miscalculated and fell straight into the water but it was after the waterfall and rather shallow at this point. It was a nice day and the water wasn’t particularly cold so I sat and let it flow over me. For the second time in a long time I could just enjoy the moment with no one around to take pity of me and tell me I couldn’t see beauty. Maybe I can’t, but I can feel it and I think it’s wonderful. People can sometimes rely on their sight too much. I don’t have that problem and I never will…

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Jolly Giant Juice

Harvey sat cross legged on a bungalow sipping his juice, how nice of Natty to invite them to a tea party in town he thought. Billy was sitting on a row of houses, eating off a billboard he used as a tray while Garry slouched against a tall building and Walter was lying in the way of angry humans, getting massaged by their blows. They were so funny, running around waving things about, getting in and out of different sized moving objects, screaming “help!” or “die giant die!” and tickling his feet.
What a jolly day, it was always fun going to town, it surely beat sitting in a cave all day. Watching the little beings starting to crawl all over Walter the other giants laughed out loud, making the last of the humans flee. What a nice day indeed!

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Green Soldiers with Guns

Down from the abyss came-
A deep rumbling song
A sound to wake the dead,
Come let the mourners come,
Rise them from their beds.

Tell them that their flesh and blood
Are soldiers gone to war,
And tell them that they died in vain
Strewn upon the floor.

Tell them how their kinsmen cried
And watched their brothers die.
Tell them how they took a gun
And never wondered why,

And tell them that when all was gone
They sat there looking back,
And wept their hearts out and their souls
For those they killed and did not know
And those that they saw die.

Tell them how in fields of green
They still see pools of blood,
Now tell me if it’s war you seek
I’ll tell you that it’s wrong.

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Plastic Pigs and Pizza

I was bored so I asked a friend for three words or a sentence to write a story/poem.

This is what I got: pig pizza plastic

…and this was my answer:

On a plastic poster a proposterously painted pig prepared a perfect pepperoni pizza as passing people paused, pondering its purpose.


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