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Letter to the Fireplace

“I have songs in my head, and sometimes not just one but up to two or three. I have words in my head, popping up from nowhere and lingering, so many that if I could catch them all they might make an amazing story; but, like people and autumn leaves in the wind they often just pass by leaving little trace if any that they were once there. I would tell you I know too many words, I speak two and an almost-half languages with a few words of others floating around. For example, I know three ways of saying hello in Japanese. And because I know too many words, I often forget the simplest ones and muddle up the others and I get unusual blanks. I have too many worlds and stories in my head that I usually forget this one. I have people in my head, not often ones that really exist but often that come from stories I like. They talk to me, we have adventures, or we don’t. There is a small place in my head for the people I love where I remember those ones, who they were, who they are, who they could be and what they mean or meant to me. I tend to forget fights or grudges, either completely or just enough to still remember them when I need them. Things I don’t want to remember are hidden in the Tartarus of my brain. I don’t want people to know who I am, because it makes me vulnerable and I know some wouldn’t understand. I tend to stay away from people because most will judge me and I’ve always been shy. I often have difficulty staring reality in the face, I’m usually never completely there except for a few rare times when I’m confident enough about it. I can only sit still when I’m not really there, when I’m dreaming of something and my mind is far away, if I’m not I’m always twitching and fidgeting and looking around as if I were watching an invisible fly.
I don’t know if I want to change, but I don’t know if it’s possible to live like this forever. I don’t even know if I can change. And it wouldn’t be easy.
But no one can see this deep in the depths of my heart, so none will ever know.
Or could they?”

Tiger felt silly now, writing a letter to no one at all. What did she think she could achieve? But she knew that writing had helped clear her mind. So, before going to bed, she scrunched it up softly and watched it burn in the warm fire. With a clearer head and a well kept but not heavy secret she left again to catch people and autumn leaves in her dreams with floating songs and loved ones.

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Bad things happen around me. I’ve known that since I was 10 years old. But I thought I could escape it, I found a place, so alive that I thought I could hide in between the people and the many lives around me. I loved walking around town, not speaking to anyone, just watching. I got noticed, people started talking to me and I made friends, not close but close enough to not be alone. I really thought I could try again, get another go at life… I was wrong.

But my luck caught up with me, the ground shook, first almost imperceptibly then more and more and I saw my city slowly fall apart before me… all the people I had met, those I had known and those I had gotten used to passing by. The colours and the lights came tumbling down in a shower of ephemeral beauty. The pillars were crumbling and I knew that no matter how hard I tried I would not be harmed. That’s just how it works. I get to see cities fall and people get crushed but I always come out unscathed. I saw the homeless guy I sometimes had sat with for words of wisdom, a pillar about to fall on him, and there were others. I closed my eyes as the city I loved fell to pieces around me and tried to block it out, imagine it still standing, trying to block out the screams of dying people and crashing towers. All I could feel were the tears streaming down my face, it was the only harm done, but it was enough. When I opened them again the rubble sat there accusingly, it was my fault, it always was.
So I closed my eyes again and tried to imagine what it had been again, so full of life. And I cried.

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DragonSpark – A Dragon’s Spark

I was sitting on a boulder, at the edge of a ridge. Above me, the heavens were wrapped in darkness. The clouds shifted, casting an ominous shadow on the ground. Dark, thick clouds they were. The town in the distance had burst aflame mere minutes ago, lighting up the evening sky with an orange hue. Sins were being answered for. Souls were begging for a mercy that would not come. A dragon was on the loose.
What did they expect?
A few moons ago, the King had called for the extermination or capture of all dragons throughout the realm. Hunters had been appointed. Squads had been brought together. The King was going to show those oversized, flying lizards who was the true ruler of the land.
He was confident, as dragons had always been peaceful creatures, never attacking unless provoked first. However when an affront was made to their very existence…
The one that the village hunters had captured was the very first dragon to be attacked by the King’s Crusade, the first victim of Human overconfidence. They put him to sleep with coated arrows and locked him up bellow the town’s moat. However a couple of hours ago, I sensed that the village I had called home, despite the hatred of its inhabitants for all things natural, was about to see its last sunset.
I was a Spark, a mortal being that had channeled the arcane powers of fire unconsciously upon birth. I could understand the dragons, empathize with them, and communicate with them. Those of us who made their abilities public were either tortured to death or executed. Luckily for me, I knew better than to host a mummer’s show in the town square. Besides, the arrogance of the villagers had brought enough fire to the town without my engulfing a couple of branches in flames. Remembering their faces, I felt sorry for a few, but sad for none. They had all treated Nature and her creations with disrespect, hunting during mating seasons, chopping trees in the summer and emptying the wastes of the town straight into the river. If anything this was Justice, a strict Justice, but Justice nevertheless.
Those dragons had now become the weapons of Nature to fight back against Human aggression, and Nature was very kind towards innocents, but ruthless towards aggressors. In most towns throughout the land, the steady beat of music was still alive with happiness. In those towns, food was tasty and hunger was scarce. In those towns, they didn’t leave agonizing animals to rot in the forest because of a hunter’s complaints on its quality of fur. In this town however, the only sound that now lived was that of searing fire and burning wood.
A roar of rage brought me back to reality. The dragon had been hit. I closed my eyes and focused my soul on his presence, sending my consciousness out in the town’s direction. What I saw was gloomy. The dragon had multiple arrows in his wings. Arrogance had won its first victory… Or had it?
I jumped down from my rock and started alongside the ridge, going back the way I came. I spawned a ball of fire in my hand, as if to make sure which side I was on. I had never killed, but my kin was in danger of death, and those about to end the creature’s life didn’t deserve to have one of their own.
I was walking across the plains that led to the town when I sensed something. I stopped. A smile crept up on my face despite me, a cynical smile to say the least. There were probably less than 100 knights left in the village. I was confident that, despite my mortal body, I could reach the wounded dragon, heal him with my fire and, if worse came to worse, ride him far from these corrupt people. That was no longer needed. I walked to a lone tree near me. I climbed on its lower branches and rested my back against the trunk. When Nature passes a sentence on those who harm it, that sentence will be executed no matter what. Thoughts similar to this phrase ran through my head as winged shadows traversed the fields with incredible speed. Above, the owners of these shadows were roaring with anger, preparing to unleash the cleansing flames of Nature upon the corruption of Humanity.
If the fire wasn’t big enough before, then it was about to become just that.

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