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Jolly Giant Juice

Harvey sat cross legged on a bungalow sipping his juice, how nice of Natty to invite them to a tea party in town he thought. Billy was sitting on a row of houses, eating off a billboard he used as a tray while Garry slouched against a tall building and Walter was lying in the way of angry humans, getting massaged by their blows. They were so funny, running around waving things about, getting in and out of different sized moving objects, screaming “help!” or “die giant die!” and tickling his feet.
What a jolly day, it was always fun going to town, it surely beat sitting in a cave all day. Watching the little beings starting to crawl all over Walter the other giants laughed out loud, making the last of the humans flee. What a nice day indeed!

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Posted by on 22 May 2014 in Banzaï, Friendly Prompts


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