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Speakeasy #161 – Of Monsters And Men

We could have achieved so much, you and I, but you locked me in a cage, said I gave a bad image and then you did things to me, to try and make more people like me because you wanted an army. But you didn’t want me. All you ever did was deceive me. All you did was lie and I now I can’t sit still. You said you wanted to help me, I wanted us to rule the world and I trusted you as you stabbed me in the back. You’re the bad guy, you locked me up. So I have to be the good guy and defeat you. This is why I can’t sit still you see, justice is calling and I have to do what’s right. I can hear it now, the quiet thudding, I stand up and smash the lock and open the door. Now it’s getting louder as I suddenly know which way to go to get out and I storm out. Along with the thudding in my heart is now a deafening rhythmic booming thump waiting for the action to go with the music but I know where to go. Today is the day you could’ve started your rule. As I got closer the music got louder and the rage spilled out of me like a fire consuming everything in its wake, the clouds shifted, casting an ominous shadow on the ground.
I will end your rule before it even starts. When I see you all I see is you, all I hear this music inside my head and I feel the poking of more and more bullets bouncing of my body, I am unstoppable, I am god.
We could’ve had it all, but you played by the rules and ended up with nothing. With your bleeding entrails in my huge hands and bits of your brain scattered on the floor.
We could’ve had it all…

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