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DS- Announcement, thank you, and sorry

This post, dear reader, is going to be an announcement, a thank you, and an apology at the same time.
The announcement is that, as of yesterday, I’ve basically become the blog manager for my school’s student newspaper. In that club, the whopping 8 of us were content creators at heart, so we weren’t satisfied with the mere 4 full-fledged issues/year. The little background I’ve built here for the past five months allowed me to put a solution on the table: Make a blog, and we did.
This brings me to my second point. I have thanked you all many times in the past, and will likely continue to do so in the future, but this time is a little bit special. Today, I thank you not only for making me a better writer, but also for giving me the know-how to function WordPress, and on the Blogosphere as a whole. These skills may be more useful to me than I know.
Now, you might be wondering what I want the apology to be about. Well, the thing is, with Homework becoming increasingly hard, another blog to manage, and finals creeping in the horizon, I find myself with less time to write. Now, rest assured, I will do my best to share all my short pieces with you all as often as possible, and to read yours as well, but it won’t match the intensity of my involvement during summer break for example.
So, thank you, sorry, and see you ‘round! 😉


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