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Have another one

A burning feeling in my throat,
The flames reaching up
Licking the sides of my head
Until everything gets blurry.

Trying to catch the fading notes
Of a fleeting symphony.

It’s beautiful,
For a moment.

The heat numbs the pain and
Clouds my mind in a different way,
Like blue skies seen
From under the sea


Posted by on 25 May 2021 in Banzaï


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You were beautiful and broken
And I wanted to help fix you

You came at me like a meteorite
Blinding me

I watched you move away from me
With blood on your hands

I watched the hole in my chest bleed
Not knowing how to fix it

But I couldn’t completely get away
From the attraction

Now I can’t help myself from orbiting around
Just far enough to be alone


Close enough for small pieces of me
To fall into you

Helping you not collapse
While I become more hollow

I’m scared one day you’ll fall into me
And I’ll swallow you whole

So I keep you
Just a little bit further


Posted by on 2 May 2021 in Banzaï


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