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Speakeasy 164 – Big Red Buttons

Leo had taken too much of her time already, she wanted to move on but she couldn’t do anything with him hanging on declaring he still loved her and please don’t go. His whining was only pathetic now. Nothing more. He told her that if she left him he would tell the world what she did and that was precisely what she was trying to avoid. So how to live with him without loving him? Or how to leave him without him telling?
So she left hints, here and there, hoping he’d find them. Eventually he did. He heard a beeping, and curious as he was he had to find out where it was coming from… in a dark alley he found it: a Big Red Button with a sign saying “DO NOT PRESS”. Well she knew nothing would stop him then. The medias talked about suicide by electrocution, some doubtful magazines had theories of their own. 
She searched his house and went to his funeral to make sure he really was dead and hadn’t left any clues. Then she turned around and walked away before the end. She never looked back, she just kept walking. 

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Posted by on 25 May 2014 in Banzaï, Speakeasy