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Cogs and bells
Whirring chiming
Metal and tongues of flame.
Maps and blueprints
Shoes and footprints
Dust and ashes
Billowing whirring
Chiming clanging
Weapons lined upon the wall
Swords and hammers, deadly all
Armours made to shield the head
Armours made to shield the heart
And machines and projects
Unfinished art
Lying around the chaos and noise
And the tick tock
Tick tock ticking
Of the clock,
Time is running away
There’s not the time but things to do
Billowing whirring
Chiming clanging
Tick tock tick tock
Oh the mind of an artist may sound
Like a bomb about to go off.

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process

— Vincent Van Gogh

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