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Geek Sentimentality

Like getting to Hyrule to find
No princess needs saving,
Or finding out that there is no
Pokemon champion to beat,
Or Bowser left without a fight,
And no-one dies at the end of Twilight.

Like when you realise the game was was real,
And Spock’s mother dies,
And Anakin is just a tormented man
And Indiana Jones and James Bond
Are getting old.

Like when Catelyn Stark had to die
Along with everybody else,
And The Doctor had to say goodbye
To Amy and Rory and River,
And Velutha was killed before
Questions were asked.

When you left like that,
I wish I could have
Rewritten the

If you didn’t understand all the references here they are in order: The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Mario (super Mario bros), Twilight (specifically: Breaking Dawn), Ender’s Game (actually that was so vague it could’ve been anything (like Zathura) but it’s especially bad in Ender’s Game), Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, The God of Small Things 🙂


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