Patricia’s Q&A

10 Jul

One of my recent nominees for the Liebster, Patricia Riviera, wanted my answers to the questions she asked to her own nominees. My oversized ego immediately said yes!

1. What writer most inspires you?
I would say Isaac Asimov. I love his scientific approach to fiction. It’s driven my high school literary analysis, thus making me the nightmare of some of my literature teachers. The ones that didn’t like science anyway.

2. Do you write/blog for yourself or for others?
As of writing these words, for myself. It’s strange, but writing fiction is fun. Writing is a key part of the modern world, so practising it is also constructive, time well spent. Besides, our humble corner of the internet doesn’t attract enough people so that my sole drive for writing becomes that traffic.

3. Who is your favorite visual artist of all time?
Not sure if this fits your question, but it’s Ian Callum, the design director of Jaguar, as in the car. I consider the car as a piece of visual art, in some cases. Jags are beautiful pieces of human ingenuity and technical proficiency. He’s responsible for making them aesthetically pleasing, might I say impressive.

4. If you could learn a new language, which would it be? How would you approach it?
I think Russian is the most beautiful language ever. It would have to be that. As for the “approach”, take classes I suppose, until I’m good enough to go to the country and learn by living. However, I’m not sure I want to stay in a country with the politics and economics of Russia. Then again, I only get the over mediatised political incidents. I wonder what it is really like to live there.

5. What is your biggest phobia? What is your biggest dream?
Easy question, unfortunately. My biggest fear is failure. My biggest dream is success. If that doesn’t fit the bill, I’m scared to death of hornets (I lived in the south of the US), and I’d love to go ‘round the world in a sweet car. Like an Aston, or a Nissan GTR.

6. Assuming you believe in reincarnation, who do you think you were in a past life?
I’m probably the least religious person on earth but I’ll play along. Given that I live a life of relative peace, I’d say whoever I was, he/she wasn’t a bad person. Maybe a merchant of the Renaissance? That would be cool.

7. What mythical creature most represents your personality, and how?
Dragons, duh! I love heat, I hate cold, I love meat, and I have a borderline scary love for chimney fires.

8. If you could invent something to improve the world, what would it be?
A way to safely stabilize the plasma of a nuclear fusion power plant (Nerd alert). That would mean clean, practicaly infinite energy for humanity. No more use for Petrol, cheap electricity due to abundance, spread of access to the damn thing etc… I’d be great.

9. Would you rather: Be a recognized, acclaimed writer in your lifetime, or Remain unnoticed until your death in which then your words will live and be studied forever? Explain why.
I’m not sure if my words are worthy of the honour that is eternal study. I’d rather use my influence while alive to draw attention to things that need it (flaws of the classical educational system, lack of interest in politics, and the classics like world hunger and wealth distribution. I’d add sexism and racism to the list, but a  white teen would probably get accused of doing it for the attention, thus minimalizing the problem and shifting attention away from it in the media. People love to bash on people that do selfless acts that they themselves do not). Bessides, I don’t want all the students of the future to damn me for their bad grades, or the teachers to look for some kind of meaning in every thing I’d write.

10. Tell me about your perfect dessert.
I’m really not a foodie. Anything that contains chocolate will do just fine.

If you don’t know the rules of the Liebster, then you are either new to WordPress (in which case, thank you for flying with air DragonSpark during you discovery of this strange new world) or your incredible skill has catapulted you to fame before someone could nominate you. Either way, the rules are on top of our post concerning it.
For the practicality of the award, I won’t be nominating anyone new.


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4 responses to “Patricia’s Q&A

  1. Patricia Rivera

    11 July 2014 at 02:08

    Great one! Fun to read.

    • DragonSpark

      12 July 2014 at 15:11

      Thanks for asking the sweet questions 😄

  2. imab00kworm

    12 July 2014 at 04:39

    Omg I want to learn Russian too! I’m not sure how to do it though so first I’m trying to learn the alphabet. I think I can safely say that I could almost read Russian very slowly but I’d have no idea of what I’m saying! Otherwise nice answers 🙂


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